Business plan template free examples

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Business plan templates

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Business Plan Templates

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Create your free Business Plan now

The business plan generally projects years ahead and outlines the route a company intends to take to reach its yearly milestones, including revenue projections. A well thought out plan also helps you to step-back and think objectively about the key elements of your business venture and informs your decision-making on a regular basis.

For example, a business plan for a steak restaurant will actually be useful for someone starting a vegetarian restaurant because the general concepts for planning and starting a restaurant are the same regardless of what type of food you serve. Use the sample plans for inspiration and ideas.

Create your free Business Plan now

Business Plan Template This business plan template is a great tool for your startup to customize to reflect your strong qualifications, experienced team. If you'd rather do a business plan presentation than a Word doc, you can download one of Microsoft Office's half a dozen or so PowerPoint templates for just that purpose.

Business Plan Template This business plan template is a great tool for your startup to customize to reflect your strong qualifications, experienced team, and marketable business idea.

Business Plan Templates

A great business plan template will also provide instructions for each step of your plan and show you what an investor-ready and SBA-approved business plan should look like. There are tons of free business plan templates available (including the one you can download right here on this page).

Business plan template free examples
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Business Plan Template - Create a Free Business Plan