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Hs crp vs crp - What is the significance of an hs-crp of 15+? Cardiac risk marker? I agree with dr. Bowers that c-reactive protein is non-specific.

But all else being equal, an elevated CRP does correlate with elevated cardiac risk. So, for example, in someone with a borderline cholesterol reading, a high CRP might suggest a need for drug treatment.

High Sensitive C - reactive protein More recently high sensitive CRP (hs-CRP) is used to detect the low level inflammation when it is within the normal range1. This lack of sensitivity and specificity with measuring CRP, resulted in the estimation of CRP using laser nephelometry, which can detect the low.

Mar 25,  · Healthy Schools Database. Pre-service Requirement: Education Code () states, A school nurse is a registered nurse currently licensed under Chapter 6 (commencing with Section ) of Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code [the Nursing Practice Act ()], and who has completed the additional educational requirements (bachelor's degree) for, and possesses a.

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Business plan structure hs crp
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